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© 2017. DJH Designs Inc.


Weld Inspection System

A dedicated inspection system for weld seam measurements consisting of an overhead or inverted microscope and Weld Penetration System (WPS) software that is totally dedicated to weld seam analysis and measurement.

Intercoat Adhesion Tester

The need to standardize the typical coin test for intercoat adhesion was the driving factor to search for equipment and a test method capable of quantifying intercoat adhesion.


Film Thickness System

The Film Thickness System has been developed with both the Production Line and Quality Control Laboratory in mind. Advanced computer programmed motion control results in repeatability with an excellent degree of accuracy.


Phaeton is the fastest, most accurate lab film thickness instrument anywhere. It’s extremely easy to use requiring no operator skill and it’s extremely reliable. Phaeton is used to measure the topcoat and reverse side coat on any given sample.

DFM-Alpha / Ultra

Coil coating is fast, typically running between 50 and up to 200 metres per minute. This means that any coating mis-measurements can be expensive. Imagine the savings if the coater were at optimal settings 100% of the time.Welcome to DJH Designs’ DFM-Alpha … harnessing science, delivering perfection.

Wet Film Measurement (WFM1™)

DJH Designs WFM1™ brings a whole new capability to paint line coater setup, providing accurate Wet Film Thickness (WFT) on the coater roll and the strip, and predicted Dry Film Thickness (DFT) on the strip before painting commences.

Paint Volume Solids

Paint Volume Solids Instrument (PVS1™)

The Paint Volume Solids Instrument is a compact and robust portable instrument designed for operation in industrial and laboratory environments. It measures paint volume solid content so that the wet paint film thickness can be directly and reliably translated into the equivalent dry film thickness.

Roll Grinders

Wet Grinding System

DJH Designs’ Wet Grinding System is a complete turnkey solution to grinding and finishing your coater and squeegee rollers.

Rub Testing

MEK Rub Test Machine

The MEK Rub Test machine has been developed to combat the problem of inconsistent test results between operators. This semi automated machine gives the line operator and quality control personnel the ability to duplicate results from the laboratory to the production line every time.


Strip-LOK™ Joiner

The STRIP-LOK™ Sheet Metal Joiner is a portable strip-joining machine driven by compressed air. The main use for STRIP-LOK™ joiners is repairing strip tear off situations on modern steel strip processing lines such as continuous galvanizing and paint coil coating lines.