In the laboratory, these devices will help increasing products quality consistency production run over production run:

SilverScan Lab:

A stand-alone desktop device that will ease and speed up silver thickness measurement of the laboratory samples. All measurements are archived in a database which can be analyzed with standard spreadsheet software.

Rub Tester:

This rubber tester is the right tool to test mirror backing paint or lacquer curing quality. This testing can either test to ASTM or EU standards.

Dry Film Thickness:

The FTS offers a very accurate way of measuring multi paint layers thicknesses. It also offers several features of analyzing, archiving data as well as email reports.

Paint Volume Solids %:

This is the right tool to control Backing paint %Solids in less than 6 minutes. Only 1 drop s necessary to control paint coverage consistency batch over batch hence to maintain coating cost under control.